Sunday, November 16, 2008

Things done today...

Well today was sunday, so nothing important was planned, Just playing with the kiddos and having a nice day.. Oh yeah and staying in our jammies all day :). Today I got out my sewing machine, and finished the girls blankits, Then I played around making some skirts for the girls. Then I decided Nathaniel needed a little one on one time, so I sent all the other kids down stairs to watch TV and Nathaniel and I made dinner. He choose to make pancakes and eggs. He measured all the ingredients, cracked the eggs, and mixed everything up. He poured out the pancakes onto the pan and tried his hand at flipping a few. He did a really good job and had fun. Then I tried to get picture of the kids....That was probably one of the most fun thing I have done all week...
(and they didn't cooperate at all)Brianna modeling the first skirt I made

That is Caitlynn in his lap

Yeah babies are messy eaters sorry about the gross looking shirt

They kept crawling into my lap...ackkkkk

and jumping in front of each other

here is the second skirt...We both like this one better..
psssttttt mom I bet you remember this fabric ;)

It was a good day, I realized I need more fabric and supplies (I only have one needle for my sewing machine left)...and I also realized it is hard to sew when Caitlynn doesn't take a nap...hmmm but she is easier to measure awake... bah decisions, decisions LOL I will probably make her a few skirts when she is in bed tonight LOL.

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