Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh my Caitlynn

Dear sweet quite Caitlynn with her golden curls and spunky little attitude has been causing me no end of trouble lately... Now My mom will remember as an infant Caitlynn just wasn't happy at all unless she was wearing footed sleepers, Now it seems we have the other end of the problem with her...Lately she is either hating her clothes, or just enjoys undressing...I'm not sure which yet.. So far today she has gotten out of 2 different pairs of footed jammies, pants and a tee shirt. Now she is wearing a pair of tights a onsie and a pair of overalls.... I think she has started to figure out the overalls though....arggggg

And then she looks at you like this when you fix her clothes
Needless to say I am not her best friend today..... sigh...
Oh and the other day while I was making dinner she managed to strip off a shirt a pair of jeans a long sleeved onsie a pair of tights and her diaper, in about 10 min....yeah....anyone know of any stripper proof toddler clothing????? helpppppp

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