Monday, October 27, 2008

Time for a tea party.

Last week was a very long week, First the girls had the sniffles, and never ending runny noses, Then hubby got sick, he took off Tuesday and Wednesday from work. Then had Thursday and Friday off. Well Wednesday morning I took the girls up stairs (hubby was in bed) woke him up turned on play house disney for the girls and then left to take the boys to school.. Hubby still almost asleep didn't notice Brianna going into our bathroom and coming back out with my keys....well from then on I could not find my keys at all... Not until Saturday, some how in the 10 min. it takes me to take the boys to school and get back home Brianna had gotten my keys taken them down stairs hidden them not on or behind but Under my hope chest, and then gone back up stairs... sighhh... Well I have them now at least That and in an effort to find the dang things my house is cleaner than ever ;). Well since today was a back to normal day I decided the girls and I would make some graham crackers , we used our nifty Halloween cookie cutters to cut them out and had a good time. Then I got out the girls tea set and let them have a tea party with water in the teapot and graham crackers for snack. They had soo much fun :)
(Btw that is a cat Caitlynn is holding, she is holding it upside down by the tail).
Then we went and got the boys from school.. When they got home they joined in the fun also........
Nathaniel now back to his home workAlex picked out a ghost

Coloring and trying to lean as far away from the teapot as possible :).
And...This picture again...just because I like it :)

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