Monday, October 13, 2008

some awesome clouds, and my boys

This is what the boys and I saw when we stepped outside today...
They looked even better in person...
Ahhh good morning Nathaniel...Nathaniel is mad at me this morning...Because I made him change clothes before school...His first outfit was a green plaid shirt and blue camo pants...then he tried that red shirt and the camo pants...finally he came down in those pants...whew.... But he was not happy. Then he refused to wear a jacket...It was COLD this morning. Tomorrow he will wear his jacket ;).
And here is Alex... in his favorite outfit...A sweater vest and button down dress shirt... oh my..
Yup that is my child....

And here we have more clouds... I thought they were neat.
Nathaniel seriously rethinking his decision about his jacket
a cool break in the clouds...pretty blue sky.
ok this was just neat.

Now tell me that you think this one looks like... I think it looks like some swirling vortex thing over my house. I had a better picture ready to take, but the batteries in my camera died.
well until later!

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