Wednesday, October 8, 2008

stuck in a rut...

Ok Lately it seems I have been stuck in rut when it comes to making dinner.... I need new ideas for ground beef. We have lots of ground beef... A few months ago my parents purchased a cow and pig, and we bought half of the meat from them....We still have probably 100 lbs of ground beef...and I am tired of burgers and spaghetti. LOL.
Well yesterday I made Autumn spiced ham
recipe here
It was good, but our ham steaks are really thick, which I think left us with a really really tough peice of meat, I think next week I will try it again, but cook it in the crock pot.

Tonight I am making Cheesy meatball soup....
I don't have any corn so that is out...I left out the carrots in hopes that hubby will eat some of it tonight LOL.
I used a can of beef broth and a can of water instead of the bullion.... And I threw it all in the crock pot to simmer instead of cooking it tonight... Now I have a question though... I have a jar of alfredo sauce, or I can make a cheese sauce out of cheddar and Colby jack cheese that I have... Which would you do??

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