Saturday, October 11, 2008

Good morning

Well this morning my wonderful husband allowed me to sleep in and took all 4 of our wonderful children down stairs bright and early. Yayy me right?... Well no later than 8 am I was awoken by my husband yelling "Oh my G*D!!!!" so I jump up and run downstairs think the things every mother thinks, The baby has found and or swallowed something, or the 3 year old has broken something (breaking something is also a thought for the 6 and 8 year old). I was in sheer panic mode running down the stairs, I didn't even grab my glasses. Which of course meant I couldn't see more that a few inches in front of my face clearly LOL. I get down stairs and Alex tells me "Caitlynn got into the brown sugar"...That doesn't make sense I keep the brown sugar in the freezer... she can't get into the freezer.... I see (sort of) Caitlynn and she is covered in something brown...I squint and feel my way to the kitchen and see (um yeah not so much) the culprit...Someone (Nathaniel) Had gotten out the step stool to get bowls and make his brother and sisters bowls of cereal for breakfast... And he had forgotten to put the step stool away... Which made the counter easy access for a 19 month old on a mission (and this one happens to be very very stealthy) Well apparently she onto the counter and found what looked like the chocolate milk mix she had gotten into last week, and thinking she had made the best find ever got to the floor and started to enjoy her conquests. Unfortunately what she had found was not the chocolate milk mix but a container of baking chocolate....Which led to much spitting and smearing of chocolate every where.. Yes Good Morning mommy! What a fun way to wake up!

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