Monday, October 13, 2008


Last week I made This recipe.
Which looked like this
It was very very good, but for starters, Our ham was very very thick which with quick cooking I think equaled very tough...secondly we only had butter flavored syrup, which I think may have made it not taste as good as it could have.
Well I am trying it again today..It is in the crock pot right now, on high for 5 hours. Right now in the crock pot I have the ham and syrup (still the cheap kind but instead of butter flavored it says with 2% maple syrup) smells better already. And since I want apples not applesauce I will add the apples when we get home with the boys probably ...Around 3 o clock... I really want this recipe to work...I have A LOT of ham to use :). and thinking about it...I bet it would be great with chunks of sweet potato thrown in the crock I wish I had sweet potatoes!

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