Friday, April 2, 2010

Not dead yet!!!!

Our beans are growing well!!! I really thought they would be dead by now and long forgotten. I am suprised by how FAST these things are growing (they really are perfect for little ones who need the instant gratification!)
We planted them on 3/28

This is 3/30

then 3/31
and on 3/31 another sprout

Then 4/1
and overnight another sprout popped up

and now today

These have kept the kids attention perfectly! I think because they have changed every time we look at them!!!!


Mandy P said...

Look how awesome this is! I really need to try this with my kiddos. They have NO Patience =) Thanks for stopping by my place the otehr day! I'll be bacxk to your again for sure!


Velvet Over Steel said...

That's a great idea! My boys loved checking on their plants and it helped them realize the somethings 'take time'. Good lesson and love your sweet blog! Following. Hope you have a Very Happy Easter!