Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The view from the stroller: At the Zoo

Ok I mentioned before that we had gotten the girls some Disney micro pix cameras before our trip to the zoo.
These are tiny little digital cameras, no view screen, no flash, no zoom, and they only hold 40 pics. They aren't fancy at ALL. I probably wouldn't pay the $15 they usually cost. But we didn't pay that much. We actually found them on Kids.woot.com .  It is a great site for finding deals. well they had them one day for $0.01 + $5 shipping. which made them $2.51 each. For that price I was SOLD! LOL.  So It was interesting to see just what the girls took pictures of...
A wall..


We apparently  really liked the bugs

And alpaca and the edge of Caitlynn's face LOL
Caitlynn took LOTS of pictures like this :)
Daddy showing her how to hold the camera.
Daddy taking a pic. LOL

And Caitlynn took a lot of these pictures too LOL.

So they don't take great pictures, but they were the right size for my 4 and 3 year old to carry around. They are easy to use, and fun. I wouldn't spend $15-$20 on them but If I saw them for a penny again I would grab a couple more as back ups for when these die LOL.

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