Thursday, April 29, 2010

Adventures in hat making...

So yesterday I attempted to make my daughters a crochet hat... I have never actually crocheted anything, unless practicing the stitches count. My first attempt was garbage.. Lets just say I did EVERYTHING wrong. So I started over. The second attempt was promising! but really really tiny..

But not a complete waste because the girls then had a new hat for their beloved dolls! Still I refused to give up. I spent all last night working hard and lets say I am pretty proud of the results

Brianna is in love and Caitlynn wants her own!

I think I will have to attempt a few more hats in different colors now!!!


Sadie said...

Very nice! What pattern did you use?

Dani said...

It looks great!!! NEVER give up!

Abigail said...

Nice! I love the way the colours in the yarn pooled to make a chevron pattern - sometimes pooling is a good thing :D

(oh, and it took me 24 years to figure out how to crochet - I could do chain stitch but could never work out how to turn that first corner. Thank goodness for youtube!)