Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What a wonderful weekend!

Ok so I meant to post this yesterday and didn't... I was busy LOL. So this weekend was really really nice. Saturday was the normal clean up the house do laundry then sit back read a book and watch it rain :) Sunday We went and met up with my parents and baby brother for lunch. It was really nice I always like Ruby Tuesdays! I wish you could all have seen Alex's plate though.. Both of them. He always gets the same thing, The salad bar.. His plate was LOADED with green peppers, cucumbers, zuchini, peas, lima beans, carrots, some ham, and grapes. All of his favorites LOL. :)
All of the others got the chicken strips Yummmm.

Caitlynn Wanted apples with hers, I was expecting a little bowl of sugary sweet cinnamon apples to show up. Instead she got a pretty large bowl of raw red and green apples cut into bite sized pieces!  Awesome!
Amazingly enough my kids were all pretty well behaved! I was very pleased and let them know it too!

I love the ride home when we go out (anywhere really) Now that we live in the mountains..And Sunday was such a pretty day!
(and my Camera took some AWESOME pictures LOL)
When we got home The kids didn't want to go in just yet

The girls chased a poor little butterfly!

And jumped in a puddle

The boys... They were off in their own imaginary world, donning their armor, Grabbing their swords and fighting the evil dragons :)
When I finally dragged them in made a quick dinner and sat and watch the thunderstorm roll by. We watched a discovery channel Dinosaur show and then headed up to bed :) It really was just a wonderful weekend!

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McVal said...

Your scenery is gorgeous! We just have corn and soybean fields... And I can't even look out my windows right now due to my bushy lilac bushes. They're not in bloom yet, so don't be jealous!