Monday, April 12, 2010

Going to the zoo, zoo, zoo

This weekend was WONDERFUL! Hubby was asked to switch his monday off for Sunday with one of his co-workers. So we packed a lunch packed up the kids and took them to the National Zoo in DC! They had so much fun! We got there at 10 am (when it opens) and it was pretty much empty! and the weather was so nice!

When we got there I pulled out some cameras! The girls each got a Disney micro pix camera.

Nathaniel and Alex each shared my old dinosaur of a digital camera! (the view from the stroller and The Zoo by Alex and Nathaniel will be coming soon!)

Then we went in search of animals!

Because it was so nice out the animals were out enjoying the morning!

They Zoo has an awesome pizza playground, and pizza garden! It is very informative and not only tells you but shows you how your pizza grows!
This was neat as you "stir the sauce" it tells you how the sauce goes from picking tomatoes to being pizza sauce!
We were at the stingrays just in time to see them eating!
They loved taking their own pictures!
This big beetle was neat, It was made up of little beetles!

Very cool!

Nathaniel found bones!
And we saw snakes!
And BIG turtles
And then it started to get HOT!
We saw the farm area!
Caitlynn got to see her favorite animal! a pig! (technically it was a hog) But you should have heard her "Mommy he OINKED at me!!!!!!"
Then we stopped for a few souvenirs and headed home!  We had a WONDERFUL time and hubby and I keep saying we need to do that more often!


McVal said...

LOVE the pics! Your ancient camera that your son is using is exactly like my old Canon sureshot! At least from what I can see of it. I loved that camera... then it got left in my son's car with the sunroof open and never worked again...
My 10 yo uses my old film type cameras still until we run out of film and patience... She'll have to wait until Christmas or her birthday to get a digital.

Unknown said...

We went to our local zoo over the weekend too. Stopping from SITS!