Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Traditions

A few years ago I started something with the boys that we have done ever since. They get excited and talk about it for months before and after Easter. They hold on to and play with it for years. (really I think they still have the last 3 years worth of them.) They tell their friends whom I am told think that our bunny is the coolest around!
Our bunny not only comes to visit each year, and not only does he hide their baskets... But he is a pirate bunny who leaves them a note and treasure map to find their loot!

I am fairly certain this will be something my kids will remember, and cherish the memories of :).

So what are your Easter traditions? How does your family make Easter special?? Or what are your favorite Easter memories???

Happy Easter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unknown said...

That is so cool! This is our daughter's first Easter, but I am already thinking of things we can plan for next year when she is older and can participate in the festivities. Thanks for sharing this activity! ...and thanks for visiting Marlie and Me!

Helene said...

That is so much fun!!!! You're creating such happy memories for them...ones they'll talk about in the future with their own kids!!

Anonymous said...

happy easter and thanks for stopping by the blog! i must meet this pirate bunny :)