Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chatting with Brianna.(the Science kid!)

Today we went to an Easter egg hunt with some friends of ours. (pictures will come tomorrow!) When it was almost time to go Brianna decided it was probably a good time to throw a temper tantrum... She always starts by stomping her foot on the ground, So rather than let it escalate I brought her over to the shade and asked her a question that while easily answered took her mind off of what ever it is she was going to have a fit over.. I asked her..

"Brianna, what are these?"

Brianna "are they sticks?"
Me " nope not quite"
Brianna " are they.... legs..."
Me " Legs?"
Brianna "Yeah like spider legs???"
Me " nope not legs... Brianna look up and what do you see?"

Brianna "Oh mommy they are leaves!"
Me "But what kind of leaves?"
Brianna "hmmmm are they Deciduous?"
Me " Um.. well what does Deciduous mean?"
Brianna " Oh yeah deciduous means the leave fall off in winter... so this is an evergreen tree"
Me " That's right! Good job!... So where did you hear the word deciduous?"
Brianna "Mommmm From my FAVORITE show ever, Sid the Science kid!!!!"
Thank you PBS You rock!

PS. I totally had to look up the word deciduous to figure out how to spell it. hahahahaha

PPS Brianna totally NEEDS the SID microphone.... so cool.. Now I need a reason to get her one :)


Cheryl said...

OMG! That's SO funny! My kids also love that show - they made the Hubs put up a bucket and pulley system in their playhouse because they saw it on that show. Nothing like having the kid stump the Mommy! That's how I'll feel once they get past 4th grade math..

Over from SITS.. said...

very good way to redirect her attention. fantastic mothering.