Monday, November 16, 2009

Trying to get a picture

Of all 4 kiddos at once...
Lets say Challenging..
Alex is looking somewhere else in each and everypicture

Brianna and Caitlynn strike a pose!
Nathaniel makes faces
All I wanted was one picture...
I wanted to make prints to send away with Christmas cards
I don't even know where the unicorn came from....

poor unicorn
Please tell my what Alex is looking at!!! I can't figure it out!
Now Nathaniel too.... nooooooo!
This one isn't too bad
Here we go... This one.. I think I just need to write "happy holidays from the funny farm"


Tracey said...

Love how the unicorn randomly shows up lmao

mama of 4 said...

I was LMAO when I saw the poor unicorn. :)