Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fun at the library

Yesterday they had a "Children's choice party" at the library, in honor of election day. The kids had so much fun! First the librarian talked about what an election is, then read a book about voting. Then the kids got to do some crafts and vote on their favorite book, character, and author. My kiddos all choose to design their own book cover!

(ignore my hands and look at the hard at work 2 year old.. awwwww)
Picking out paper to add to her book
Very hard at work!
And yes Alex was there, he has this habit of disappearing from the camera...
In other news I checked out yet another cookbook from the library! It is Family fun: Cooking with kids.
It has SO many ideas from Breakfast to dinner and dessert. It also has some fun snack recipes, and ideas for school lunches! Today the girls and I made Black bean and salsa soup (though we put it all in the crock pot!) To have with it we are having turtle bread, It is SUPER cute :). I think if ours turns out as cute as the picture we will be making it again to take with us to Thanksgiving at my sister in laws house. Nathaniel found an Ice cream sandwich recipe he wants to make (made with 2 BIG cookies then cut into slices ). Alex has decided to help with the pumpkin pie yayyy! Yum.. Everything in this book looks yummy and like fun :) check it out for your kids!!!

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