Friday, September 10, 2010

School has begun!

And it started on Tuesday, it has been a fun/hectic/interesting week so far. The first day of school went off with out a hitch. Brianna shed a few tears walking into the school not from fear but from being overwhelmed at the amount of students :).
The second day she had me walk her to the door. Then told me "I can go by myself mom!"
The third day she left me at the corner yelling "I can go by myself! Go home!!!"
She has had an awesome week at school her favorite part is the coloring and recess!
Nathaniel is really enjoying his class, he is most excited about reading The BFG By Roald Dahl
The BFG (My Roald Dahl)The AlchemystThe Hunger GamesThe Odyssey

He has spent a lot of his summer reading   His reading list has included  
 and a brief venture intoThe Odyssey.
This boy blows me away sometimes!

Alex is LOVING his class.. He already knows all the girls LOL!
 He also spent a good portion of his summer reading His list was shorter but very impressive for a new second grader
The Last DragonThe Angel Experiment (Maximum Ride, Book 1)

Along with with several pokemon, magic tree house, Junie B Jones books and so on.
The girls have absolutely fallen in love with  The series Ivy and Bean this summer

I am loving that our Library has almost the entire series on CD and that we can put the books on their MP3 players!!!
 The first day of school went well for Caitlynn I was babysitting so she had a friend to play with. Wednesday I was babysitting again so she still had a playmate. Thursday was her first day with just mommy and daddy... I have to say she was a little lost in her own world
For a while she had no idea what to do all by herself. So we went outside found a BIG sheet of cardboard and watched it fly around
We talked about the wind and enjoyed the nice breezy morning
Then we hung out by noon she was more than ready to go get everyone from school LOL.
She was beyond happy to go get the kids from school!
Today we have had a nice quiet morning, did some cleaning up then we made a bird feeder

And for the most part Caitlynn did this all by herself
And she has spent all morning watching out the windows for birdies to come eat their snack!
Now I NEED more ideas for the weeks to come!!!
I hope everyone else is having a great start to the school year too!!!

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