Friday, August 27, 2010

Fun at the fair!

So today the fair opened! Since it was the first day it was family day which means adult tickets are $3 and kids under 12 get in free! We decided sort of spur of the moment to go ahead and go. I am so glad we did the kids had a blast!
First we saw goats... Caitlynn saw their ears and ran to them yelling "puppies!!!!!" We explained they were goats and she proceeded to tell one "Oh I love your beautiful tags!"
Then came the ponies....
Oh how they loved the ponies
Bet you couldn't tell that huh?!?
The boys rode rides over and over and over... It  is hard to get a good picture on a fair ride
The girls rode a ton of rides too

Then the best part of the whole fair
I took my girls up in the Farris wheel :)
Awwww sisters :)

So we did tons, walked miles, ate cotton candy and funnel cake the kids rode a million rides and it was the perfect fair day!!!

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McVal said...

Awe! I love your beautiful tags!
So precious!