Friday, August 20, 2010

Enjoying the last few weeks of summer

The last few weeks of summer are here and we are enjoying our time together... The boys went on a play date today so it was just the girls and I for a good chunk of the day :). Which means (for them) a super special lunch... Yup they got an ice cream sundae with whipped cream sprinkles and a cherry on top... For lunch... I know  I'm a horrible mom :-P but then for snack they had some ham slices and cheese cubes and grapes! :). Then we went outside (where it is 90 degrees out!) to wait for the boys.... 

While we were waiting not once or twice but three times a huge airplane flew over our house!....
doesn't look so bad
Imagine this flying over your roof!
I have absolutely no clue what they are doing.... after the scared the snot out of me the first time it was pretty cool though :)
Then the boys went back to their favorite summer activity
:) I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!!!!

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