Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope everyone had a fun and love filled, Happy valentines day yesterday. I know I did, But mine started at 6 am with my 2 year old running into my room yelling Happy Valtines Day!!!!! I LOVES YOU!!!!!! very sweet but mommy isn't a morning person.Well since we had a week off of school instead of buying valentines we mad them for the boy's classmates :)

I could NOT get Alex to be serious
And yes I know he spelled from "frum".... he kept insisting it "sounded right that way"
Nathaniel was all business picking out what shapes went to each classmate.
They can't wait to pass them out :)
And Brianna spent a very long time working on hers. She made it all by herself!
Happy Valentines day!!!

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