Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Caitlynn!!!!!!!!!

Caitlynn, For well since she was little she has LOVED pigs. That love has endeared her to this series of books..They are the Best books ever! And she loves them so much she has been asking for an Elephant and Piggie cake since before Christmas.
Here was what I wanted to do for her cake...

I wasn't able to get the words on... But I can't even describe how much she loved it :) and that is really all that matters.Ahh her stash of goodies :)
Cute doggy huh? Check at walmart for clearance valentines day toys ;) That is one of the really good things about having a little girl that close to valentines day. They love the hearts and cute girlie things :)

She was so happy
look at the teeny stuffed pig :) she also got an elephant and spent all day carrying them around.
littlest pet shop (look another pig and she was SOOO happy)
Now presents from Grandpa Jeff and Mackenzie and Maryanne!
her words "Ohhhh I love it yayyy"
She really loves looney tunes :)
Now time for the birthday dinner :) Yummm, (and she put away 3 pieces!)

Here she is talking about her cake :)

I think I did ok :)
And since today is daddies birthday too I couldn't leave him out ...
Yummm Brownies with chocolate frosting and turtle sprinkles!

Yummy cake!
It was a WONDERFUL day! I can't believe that my sweet little babe is 3 now. (just don't ask her she will say she is 5)

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