Thursday, January 15, 2009

Making soft pretzels!

OK, I know I promised this post days ago, but well thing got busy here really fast. Monday was our first day watching my friends little girl... from... 8am-9pm..Yeah it's a long time. But our girls get along so it isn't all that bad just busy :). Then Tuesday we pick up another friends boy from school and he hangs out with us until his mom can get of work and come get him. Then Wednesday we have the first friends little girl again and pick up her first grader... Like I said BUSY... and it also means more vacuuming and less blogging...I'm sure it will all even out soon though !
And now for pictures...
first up is Caitlynn.. she wasn't crazy about the dough
Nathaniel was a pro..

Alex was very enthusiastic :)Brianna was ready to take over, very serious

And our pretzals ready to be boiled and then baked!
Then because it was lunch time when they were done we decided to have them for lunch, some little smokes and carrots and lunch was ready to be enjoyed by all!
You know I think they really enjoy making their own food.

That night after the kids went to bed I made more pretzels, but I brushed them with butter and sprinkled them with cinnamon sugar. In the morning I threw them in the toaster oven to warm them up. Then put some cream cheese on them, Yummmm!!!

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