Saturday, January 24, 2009

It is Saturday!

Well Saturday's here are cleaning days.. the day we go through the house and clean clean clean...At least normally it is. This week the boys had a 4 day weekend from school so we split up the cleaning. Thursday we did the bedrooms and upstairs bathroom. Yesterday we did the playroom and downstairs bathroom. And today we did the living room and kitchen... And we are already done (we started at 9 and we were finished by 10 yayyyyy) So now all that is left is dishes and laundry.. fun stuff LOL.

Now onto another subject.. we have Birthdays coming up... LOTS OF THEM... Hubby and Caitlynn on Feb. 17th, Nathaniel March 18th, and Brianna April 14th...

Caitlynn is going to be difficult.. She is going to be 2, but she has soooo much stuff already, she may get a little bit for her play kitchen.. The one big thing I want to get her is a BIG magnadoodle...We have a travel sized one she loves and when she can't find it she colors with anything she can find anywhere she can's really annoying..

Nathaniel is just about done, around Christmas we picked up a BIG collection of batman comics a Wii game we found cheap and a few other things..

For Brianna we have a few little things (some princess games) but I am thinking it would be neat to get her a new Leapster (pink of course).. We already have one but
A) it is one of the very first Leapsters that came out.. It was Nathaniel's.
B) the screen has a big spot on it
C) the pen got messed up years ago (we have had it since Nathaniel's 3rd birthday)
D) we got the boys each new Nintendo DS's for their last birthdays..
E) a pink one can also be passed down to her sister so that is cool :)
So I have been looking at the new Leapsters and the L-MAX... any input??? It has been a while since I shopped for these.. Also if anyone sees the Leapsters or L-max or a BIG magnadoodle on sale Let me know please!!!!

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