Sunday, January 11, 2009

cleaning and getting ready

Well yesterday was Saturday and that is our cleaning day, we work on the whole house, top to bottom. Yesterday though we were doing an extra bit here and there because come Monday I will be watching my friends little girl (she is Caitlynn's age). Two days a week Monday and Wednesday. On Wednesday we will also be picking up her big sister from school (she is in first grade). We are all super excited to have them come over. I am working out in my head how our schedule will be adjusting, but I don't think it will be very hard. Yayyy, oh and look our play area is all clean!!!! This is were I expect the girls to spend most of their time...

Lots of fun! And today as a treat the kids and I are going to be making soft pretzels! yumm.
We are going to be using this recipe.
And the dough is rising! I plan on giving the kids each their own peice of dough to shape (and taking pictures) See you later!

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