Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Presents, baking, and a golf ball?

Yesterday you saw some of the kids presents...today some of mine!! first up is the Aero Garden.. Yayy We are starting with the flowers... Brianna has asked all day long if she can watch it :)

Then I got a whole bunch of really cool cupcake pans so the girl and I made pumpkin bread
This one is really cool it makes a bunch of flower cupcakes in a basket... I decided just to make the flowers because to me they look like snowflakes sort of... and if i call them snowflakes the boys will eat them too!See... Well to me they look like snowflakes!

And here is a doll...I was really surprised with how much detail showed up on this one and the teddy bear!For dessert I let the kids each pick out one and decorate them with frosting and m&m's (will be posting about that a little later!)

Then the girls modeled some new outfits (excuse the hair, they had just gotten out of the bath)

And here is Nathaniel doing his homework...on a skateboard....I didn't ask, he did his homework so I'm happy!... (bet your wondering whats up with the golf ball.....)Here is Alex enjoying a snack after school... see the lovely bump on his forehead... guess who fell down in gym this morning at 10 am...and it still looks like that.....poor baby
He says he is fine though...And at the moment he is asleep in bed...It does look awful though... poor guy.

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