Saturday, December 13, 2008

On the 12th day of Christmas!

We are getting ready for Christmas here. Clearing toys and extra book out of the living room, Clearing clutter that has accumulated during the year. Deep cleaning all of our rooms. And counting down the days. So far the plans are, (hopefully) That Hubbies request to have Christmas eve off will go through. Then We will do Christmas eve at my aunts house, Come home and my mother in law and sister in law will be waiting for us. Get inside put the kids to bed, Then set out the presents Yayyyyy. Then I will probably be up super early b/c I get all giddy and happy and I want to see my kids open their presents! and I will start on breakfast. This year my MIL will be making half of her breakfast casserole and I will be making a sausage and french toast bake .
With that we will probably be having a big fruit salad. While all of that it cooking, I will be setting up Christmas dinner. I am going for easy this year, so I will be setting up some french onion soup in the Crockpot to cook all day. With that will will have sandwiches and salads. Yummy comfort food and easy too. Hubby is looking forward to Christmas dinner already!
Well I better get back to fun fun.

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Dani said...

We do easy for Christmas dinner too! We have homemade pizza every year!