Monday, December 8, 2008

Jingle bells, Jingle bells

Merry Christmas! Happy holidays and all that jazz. That time of year is here again, Yayyyy. Yesterday we had an early Christmas with my parents, Yay for new toys, clothes cooking stuff for mommy, all sorts of other stuff!! Like Barbies, yayyy for Barbies, I got to look through my grandmothers barbie collection and pick out some for the girls They both got wedding day Barbies... And not the "new" ones, The 1996 reproductions of the 1961 doll...Brianna got the brunette and Caitlynn got the blonde! They are so pretty look and see.
Then my poor husband missed me jumping and squealing when I saw this doll.
And yelled "OH OH OH I want that one for me!!!"....Yes my husband was very sad to miss that....sigh I guess I should explain that I already had this barbie.
And I think she is just about the prettiest doll ever...So When I saw the 40th anniversary one...well I just really wanted it LOL...

Here is Brianna With her favorite doll :) (she hasn't put her down since the box was opened!)

Caitlynn with a baby of her very own!
Alex checking out some new art stuff!
Nathaniel checking out his new MP3 player, (BTW mom they are both all set up now and the kids love them!)
So serious he really didn't want me to take his picture.
Brianna with another new favorite toy, a bunny of mine from when I was probably her age awwww.
Here is Brianna this morning with her doll again awwwwww.
And Caitlynn in her New doggy dress from Grandma....She saw me take it out of the dryer this morning and said "mine!!! ON!"
Who was I to argue with this

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