Monday, March 28, 2011

R r R r R r....... and Random..

Last week was a rainy yucky mess, Yay Spring! :)

So we worked on Rr for the week
First we made Rain.
We made the umbrella out of a coffee filter that they "painted" with food coloring in a bit of water. For the rain they ripped blue tissue paper and crumpled it up.. Totally easy!
Then we made a rainbow rabbit... and it took the nose with pipe cleaners several applications of glue and several DAYS to dry... If I had known it was going to take that long I would have left out the pipe cleaners!

And for our last project of the week we made a Rocket.

Every morning they write their names thanks to This page at
This week I added in numbers... We started with number 1 today! 

And on a totally random note... I got a huge box of random goodies from my grandmother. Tons of cake decorating items that I can not wait to try out! 
She sent a BUNCH of sprinkles which is really awesome because I have a spice rack that I am in LOVE with, but I rarely ever use for spices... In fact the spices in them had gotten old so I tossed them around Christmas with the thought that I would fill the jars up with different sprinkles. Well I never got around to buying more that one package of rainbow colored jimmies and my spice rack just looked sad.. Now that it is mostly full it is a much happier thing!

 Makes me want to have a cupcake decorating party now!

She also sent the most awesome cake pan ever! 
An orange, pineapple upside down cake pan! yay!
So of course this weekend I HAD to make pineapple upside down cake
Lets just say it didn't last very long!!!
Thank you Grandma!!


McVal said...

Goodies from Grandma! How sweet! That cake looks delish.

CK said...

Oh, how cool! We should have you over at our blog for a guest post on some letter activities to do with kids. I always like doing those since my son is almost 4.
And YAY for the cake decorating items!!! Those are amazing!

Adelina Priddis said...

nice stuff!! Love the projects you did with your kids. I'm thinking I may need to update my spice rack now!

Aguide4thekids said...

Hey this is a great blog! i also have one, come and visit us it'll be useful for you!
regards from Argentina=)

Los Mundos de Sara said...

Muy buenas ideas para pasar una tarde con los peques.

Josie said...

This looks amazing! Love your blog!