Sunday, March 6, 2011

I'm so glad yesterday was nice!

Because we took advantage of it! We walked over to the playground and spent a good 2 hours there. I love this playground because there is a track right next to it so while the kids got to run around I walked 2 miles on the track! Woohoo :).
I also happened to get some pretty cute pictures!
By the way, maybe it wasn't my smartest decision to go to the park with no jackets, it was 60 degrees out but the wind was pretty chilly.
They had a good day regardless
You've gotta love watching a big brother play with his sister <3
And you are never to big to play on the playground
Trying to get a group shot of 4 kids is always fun!
I do happen to love just how much you can tell they were having fun.
But I did manage to get just one picture of them all looking at the camera.. It's not a perfect picture, but it is fun and shows (I think) that they had a great day!
Yup those are my wild and crazy kids, And like I said I am really glad that yesterday was a good day because today is raining and gross with no signs of letting up!

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McVal said...

I can't WAIT for 60 degree weather here!!! We're int eh 30s and 40s this week and it's a light snow today. Hope it warms up by next week!