Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The cutest little pies!

Now most of the time I can say for sure without a doubt that when I bake something it probably won't be pretty but it will taste good :). Well for Christmas my mother in law got me the cutest little thing :) Called a "pocket pie mold" from William Sonoma 
Pretend the picture is white and a star... That is what I got but I can't find a picture of it and well it is just to much work to take a pic of mine!
This is the most awesome thing ever! It makes little cute hand held pies, and yesterday I even used it to make PB&J for the kids for snack at school and press it together like an uncrustable!
But really who wouldn't want little star shaped apple pies for snack!

I can't even tell you how happy my kids were after school!

Now I need to figure out how not to burn the edges LOL.


Claire said...

Those are so cute!! And look deeelish!

McVal said...

Too cute! How many does it do at a time?

Anonymous said...

So cute!