Tuesday, February 15, 2011

V is for Valentine

We have started working on our letters here :). This week we are working on Vv. Yesterday Caitlynn made A Valentine and a Valentines sun catcher!
 To make her Valentine we used the bottom of a heart shaped Chocolate box added glue and crumpled up tissue paper. It turned out so cute! 

We are going to hang it up in the girls room!
Then for the sun catcher
She used the insert from the chocolate box and some red paint, and I was surprised at how cute it turned out! LOL.
Today they are making Violet Love bugs.

When they are dry we will add some heart stickers and eyes LOL.

Tomorrow I need one more V craft, I'm thinking a Vase (paper)with flowers....
Anyone have any more Ideas?????


McVal said...

How cute and crafty!

Sadie said...

Volcano - baking soda and Vinegar ;)