Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexander!

Alexander ... Wow he is turning 7 tomorrow. I can not believe the time has gone so quick. It seems that just the other day he was starting kindergarten but now here he is a big first grader. It doesn't seem possible that a year has gone by. Though it also seems like just the other day he was my teeny tiny toddler. wow... Really that is all the words I have for now :)

Now for the cake, Alex bounced between ideas for cakes He wanted a pokeball cake (which he had pokeball cupcakes last year) he wanted me to make it specific pokemon.. which is something beyond my skill LOL. He wanted ben 10, Zelda and so on and so forth. But he also LOVES Super Mario Brothers So I decided this year he will get a surprise cake! I found some pictures I KNOW i could make, and went to work....

I think he will be happy! (btw he hasn't seen it yet LOL)

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