Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First day of school!!!!

Ok the boys were aggravating yesterday.. They were being goofy.. They really didn't want their pictures taken

yes... SEE!!!!
Oh here is another example...but the BEST example is next...
Yeah... Those are my boys... Ready for the first day of school LOL.
Then the girls.. We got ready to go get the boys They were sooooo excited
(Oh and they had cookies)
For dinner we made "pasta bowls" like at dominos... It was yummy and gave leftover past a new life :). We made 5, 3 were chicken and penne with a pesto sauce, 2 were chicken alfredo with homemade noodles.
Then after dinner we went outside with some ice cream.

I now know how to get better pictures... give them ice cream!

The boys had a great day at school yesterday, both of them like their teachers, neither of them got in trouble :) They were very happy!

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