Saturday, December 11, 2010

busy busy busy

Things here have been busy to say the least. Last Wednesday Nathaniel had his winter recorder concert! He did wonderfully and hadn't told me before that he was doing the advanced songs!!! I am so proud of him!

Then Friday we got report cards. All of the kids were excited for us to see them! and all I could say was.. Wow my kids are smart LOL.
Brianna received all 3's (the best she can get for kindy). She needs to work on recognizing the uppercase letter Y, and the sounds for Y and TH. They say she has mastered everything else!
Alex received just about all 4's (that would be exceeds standards of learning 94% of the time). His handwriting has gone from a 2 (yeah he is an 8 year old boy.) to a 3. I am just blown away!
Nathaniel has raised every grade he got except math.. that went from a 91 to a 90.
Lets just say I am so very happy with them!

Today we painted Christmas ornaments for gifts,

The kids had alot of fun :)
Oh and on the table I rescued some packing paper that came in a package from amazon... It is PERFECT for covering the table LOL
Yay! The ornaments always come out so cute :)

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McVal said...

A.dorable ornaments!!! and good job on your sons recorder songs!