Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our garden is blooming!

We have had a great week here for our garden, nice and warm during the day with a nice rainy evenings. The plants are loving it..

We have flowers on our cucumber plants
Our Broccoli has been harvested for the first time
It was yummy :)

We have flowers on our tomato plant and our first itty bitty tiny tomato growing!

We have our first flower bud on the tomato plants we started from seeds
Our watermelon plants are starting to get vines! I hope they start to flower soon!!

and our blueberry bushes are still looking healthy!
Thank you to the makers of Miracle Grow... With out you all my plants would probably be dead!!


Anonymous said...

Your garden looks fabulous! I really love broccoli - was it easy to grow?

Heidi Walker said...

looks good. My lettuce is growing and basil has not died so I declare success in mine as well!

Thanks for posting pics. They are encouraging to the novice gardener.