Sunday, August 31, 2008

plans for today

Today I have planed nothing...absolutely blissful nothing...All I plan on doing today is the normal cleaning, vacuuming, laundry and such that comes with having 4 kids. Playing and enjoying the last 2 days of summer. Watching cartoons eating popcorn, maybe we will make some ice cream. My grandmother gave me this wonderful device.

And oh my goodness is it wonderful. 20-30 min after you turn it on and you have yummy soft sweet frozen goodness. mmmmmmmmm.
Or pour in soda, or fruit punch, or lemon aid, or anything else you can think of and 20 min. later you have instant slushies, or slurpies or what have you. Yumm.

But yeah Nothing is set in stone..except that I am going to go hop in the shower in just a min. and nothing is planned...I will probably get the laundry done..and vacuum, I will defiantly be cooking something...sometime LOL, But today will be a day of enjoying summer for all that it's worth . And in a way we will be saying goodbye to Alexander's babyhood (it's a good thing he won't read this LOL) his time at home with mama and saying hello to the big boy he has become. Getting ready for the fun and excitement of the school year to come.

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