Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A happy young artist!

Caitlynn is my little artist :). At 3 years old we never have enough crayons, chalk, pens or sharpened pencils. She colors all the time, Luckily she has stopped trying to color the walls LOL. For Christmas she recieved bunches of coloring books and crayons and is just in heaven picking a picture to color :).

Then for Christmas she recieved the best present for a 3 year old (or 5 or 8 or 10 because they have all used it LOL)

She is going to have enough coloring to last her at least a few months LOL
And they can (all 4 kids) fit in it  with toys and books!

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McVal said...

How adorable is that?! We made my son a castle out of an old giant tv box when he was 2. He loved it SOO much. She's going to love this to pieces... literally...
Great idea! I didn't know they sold those.