Monday, September 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Yesterday my baby boy turned 8 years old! Lucky him it was on a Sunday so he then had all day to play with his new toys!!!! 
(BTW those lollipops are the absolutely best lollipops ever Yummy Earth organic lollipops, review coming soon!!!)
First thing in the morning it was time for presents!
After presents at his request we had pancakes (chocolate chip) eggs, and bacon!
He had an absolutely wonderful day Hanging out, playing with new toys and video games!
For dinner he requested spaghetti, I've noticed all of my kids choose either spaghetti or pizza for their birthday LOL.
Then it was cake time... I'm not so pleased with the cake... But Alex loved it..
I set cookie cutters on the cake and poured colored sugar into the shapes. But he liked it! Next weekend we will be doing another cake when my parents  and mother in-law come to celebrate :)

He is the goofiest child :)
apparently I should have made him change his shirt LOL
Oh the BEST part of the cake... It wasn't just a plain old boring cake.....
 Yeah it was the most awesome cake ever!... I didn't get the stripes just right but the kids loved it anyways! Alex choose the colors blue, orange, and green!
Happy Birthday buddy!

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McVal said...

Happy Birthday! Today is my nephew Alex's birthday as well. But he's 19.
Hope you had a great day! Sure looks like you did!