Monday, September 7, 2009

playing at the playground

OK I get MUCH better pictures when I'm not trying too... Yesterday after trying to get good pictures, I just chased the kids around the playground with my camera. I came home with 160 pictures. Some are better than other but what can you do?
He was seriously not happy that I had the camera out LOL

Brianna is into posing you don't catch her by surprise, This is what you get....

Not sure why Alex decided to climb up there...
Brianna kept saying... "put down the camera and help me!!!!"

It's a train!
Peek a Boo

Time for a drink
posing again

Well I ended up with better pictures on the play ground I think.. But then there are days That I'm NOT trying and I get a picture like this.....
When I just grabbed the camera because the girls were being cute..... I'm not sure why she looked at me like that But I'm in love with this picture :).

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