Friday, December 19, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!!!!

Friday is the best day of the week, especially for my boys Friday is ice cream day Yayyy! (OK I really have nothing to go with that... I just wanted to let you know, so there... um yeah..)
OK, today has been a yuck rainy, cold nasty day... I mean it is December, where is our snow????
So I took the respite from the rain to take pictures of the girls getting ready to go and getting the boys at school.. it was funAll bundled up and ready to go!
And this is how our day looked
Hello my goofy girl
Yes I see you too.Now every day we go to the school a little early and meet with some other parents and their children, We all bring snacks to share (b/c well the kids are going to share regardless of whether we brought enough or not). And then the kids run around the cafeteria and play, it is fun :) and we have made quite a few good friend there.

getting a drink

Caitlynn deciding to leave... LOL. (don't worry she didn't really leave she was getting a book to look at )
hello baby
Now all bundled up again to wait for the boys to get out of class
Alex is always the first one out of class
Then Nathaniel
And they have to talk to their friends for a bit also
Then we head home

Yayyyy for Fridays!!

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